We are nearly there now!!!

So we were very nearly ready to go back in April, however we decided to redesign our logo and belly bands after receiving the sample. The original sample was not in line with the look and feel we had in mind. It looked cheap (even though it wasn't) and outdated. We also had problems with our logo as the original logo had 2 colours and this was limiting what we could do with it. So back to the drawing board we went.

After redesigning our logo and actually working out what branding is, we totally changed the look and feel of the brand and it is much more in line with the vision we had in mind and is much more reflective of what we are now.

We were hoping to be up and running in Ramadan just in time for Eid, however we were delayed again due to printing. The time-frame we had in time was not what our printer had in mind. But Alhumdulillah we are in the final stages now and hoping to launch next month.